by Jonas Borglin, CEO

The future of physical retail is depending on smooth customer experiences throughout the whole customer journey and the human interaction between customers and the staff in store will always be a major variable of its success. The human aspect of physical retail will always be an advantage over e-commerce and according to us most likely the main reason why digital players recently are experiencing challenges in growth in the post-pandemic world.

Frontline staff has always reacted with their ears and eyes when a visitor indicates that he or she potentially would like to become a customer or are in need assistance. But what if we can enhance the staff’s radar without disturbing the customers who would like to remain browsers until they have a need for interaction. This is what Turnpike is solving through the implementation of digital triggers that indicates the staff when a customer needs help or a colleague needs backup. The information is discreetly introduced to the staff’s wrists through smart wearables, which creates a prioritized customer assistance information flow without any disturbance or time-lag.

So, what are the benefits with a system like Turnpikes?

After having customers up and running on our system for a year now, we have identified two major areas and one bonus area that constantly delivers substantial value to the customer journey in store:

The first area is the real-time actions created and smartly distributed to the relevant staff with no time-lag, which is loved by both customers and staff since it is improving conversation rates and boost the easiness to find help. Secondly, the data set generated from our system which showcase aggregated data, broken down by trigger area, is a new magical tool for both (1) resource planning and (2) analysis of the main pain points in the store environment where the staff has the largest opportunity of interaction and upsell.

Then to the bonus, a medium sized store creates 4-500 unique “assistance” actions per week. This means every frontline staff receives a “nudge” to stay customer focused 2-4 times per hour. I have talked to experienced store managers, using the Turnpike system, stating that they have never worked in a store with better customer focus among staff ultimately creating impressive results.

Let's make sure we don’t take customers for granted independent of channel they visit us through. Our frontline staff has an important role to play in making our physical retail the best this channel can be and remember that Turnpike is created to elevate and not to replace staff.

Turnpike can be a very powerful partner on the wrists of retailers most valuable assets.