Who we are?

Turnpike empowers the frontline staff in retail stores and hotels by providing them prioritized communication directly on the wrists via smartwatches. The right person in the right place at the right time. Want to know how it works? Look here! You want to know the fun part? They all love it; the customer, the staff and their management. Everybody wins!

We are now in an important phase, scale up, launching new stores and hotels in a constantly higher pace. We’re therefore looking to expand our core team to join us on the journey of revolutionizing the retail and hospitality industries by digitalizing the last piece of the puzzle – the frontline staff!

We ensure you won’t miss ‘the moment’

Your employees may only have a single chance to provide service. Often times when that moment is gone, so is the customer. Put a turnpike watch on every employee’s wrist and you can guarantee real-time, in-the-moment attention for every shopper or patron.

We stop customer churn

Long lines are the number one driver of customer churn. And high customer churn results in low customer loyalty. Stop the queue madness before it begins with intelligent alerts that allow your employees to pre-emptively address queue issue before they get out of hand.

We help you engage, engage, engage

It’s simple. Customer engagement performed in the right place, and the right time drives revenue, basket size, loyalty and customer satisfaction. Turnpike empowers you employees to worry less about logistics so they can focus on engagement with your consumers.

We make sure they never see you sweat

Frontline work can be stressful. But you never want your customers to take part in that stress. With Turnpike’s silent communication, your consumers will never be exposed to the frantic complexities of store operations. But they will be amazed at your team’s superhuman ability to instantly address their every need.

We are growing and looking for talent to take on the world

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