We are Turnpike.

Turnpike builds software that is transforming the way retail employees work. We enable seamless discreet communication between management and staff that drives real-time customer service and engagement.
Our solutions make retail employees more productive, more empowered, and more motivated.
In an age where consumers are spending less time in brick and mortar retail establishments, it is paramount to provide them with an engaging, efficient, and frictionless in-store experience. Maximizing in-the-moment customer engagement opportunities is key to maintaining customer loyalty and increasing repeat visits.
Turnpike’s real-time wearable solutions streamline retail workflow by digitizing requests, alerts, and schedule information. This allows employees to spend less time managing logistics and more time focusing on customer engagement and service.
Our customers see immediate gains in customer engagement, which drives upsell opportunities and average basket value. The ability to react to service requests in real-time also prevents customers from churning in long fitting room or checkout lines, contributing directly to top line revenue generation.  

Turnpike Talks



Turnpike Ethos.

1. People First
We design, build and scale captivating customer experiences that generate business breakthroughs. We focus on the user – the rest will follow.
2. Work Hard, Be Nice
We are extremely ambitious at everything we do. Our goal is nothing short but magic. However, we're always kind and respectful to each other in our drive for executional excellence. We believe in people and we are honest, open, ethical, and fair.
3. Diversity is key to success
As we grow we strive to hire people that are better than ourselves. We value people that are and think differently.
4. Team-Spirit Kicks Ass
No one of us is better than all of us. We love ’Zlatans', but it’s the team together that will make us winners long term. We take one for the team. Or two.
5. At the speed of opportunity
Things move extremely fast around us. We take challenges at the speed of opportunity, always agile, flexible and fast.
6. Start-Up Mentality
We apply our experimental DNA and growth-hacking mentality to everything we do, using relevant technologies to amplify the experience. 
7. Passionate About Passion
We’re not in it for the money - the reasons for choosing Turnpike should be based on passion, playfulness and joie de vivre.
8. Killers for Dead-Lines
We keep our promises, internally and externally. Deadlines are holy for all of us. Without exceptions. We don’t W.O.
9. We Try Harder
Like Avis in the 60's, Turnpikers try harder. We love to hear ’You know that idea you approved? We think we’ve come up with something better´. We’re never completely satisfied with our work. Or our ability for that matter.
10. We Turn Tech into Magic
We are a tech company with a simple purpose - to empower people to achieve more than they thought was possible. Our tech solutions should ’unsuck what sucks’ between business and customer. If you don’t see our tech - just experience the positive effects - we have succeeded.