made easy.

Turnpike's wearable platform empowers employees to improve
productivity, increase revenue, and cut costs, all in real-time.

  • Serve customers faster.
  • Reduce queueing and churn.
  • Build satisfaction and loyalty.

Turnpike in action.

See how Coop and H&M HOME uses Turnpike to respond to customer service and co-worker requests, while increasing employee motivation.

2-Way Communication
Make collaboration between management
and staff more discreet and efficient without disturbing the shopping experience.

Task Management
Boost productivity by assigning ad-hoc or recurring tasks that staff can mark as complete
in real-time on their wearable device.

Safety and Security
Keep your employees safe by alerting them to security issues and store capacity thresholds
in the moment.

Access Control
Streamline movement throughout the store property by enabling NFC for touchless entry
to secure doorways.

Shift Management
Make schedule management more efficient by ensuring that staff have access to the latest shift information on their wearable.
Hands-Free Connectivity
Eliminate the need for clumsy walkie talkies, mobile phones or headsets and keep employees’ hands free while working on the floor.
Check out Turnpike's integration with Microsoft Teams
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