Prioritize every guest

When customer service is a priority, companies choose Turnpike to ensure that every customer and employee request is addressed instantly.

With our smartwatch platform on every employees’ wrist, your staff can immediately react to any notification no matter where they are on the property.
Assist Guest
Concierge Desk
Customer Request
Meeting Room 12
Room Service
Room B-245

Make every customer a VIP with undistracted attention.

Turnpike’s connected wearable platform allows for discreet, instant, hands-free employee communication that keeps staff focused, undistracted and hyper-efficient.

Front-of-house employees can react more quickly to customer service requests and ensure that those requests are addressed instantly. Communication between customer-facing staff and operational employees happens in real-time at the touch of a button, accelerating reaction time to any customer need.

Maximize net operating income by empowering employees to spend more time engaging with customers, while lowering costs by making your entire workforce more efficient.

Check out Turnpike in Action.

Stafficiency 16

How it works

The Turnpike solution integrates seamlessly with existing hardware and software platforms so you can share all your most important information with employees in real-time throughout the work day.

Fast onboarding

With detailed documentation, live employee training, and pre-configured equipment, we’ll have your teams up and running with a Turnpike solution in no time.

Connect to existing software

Send data directly from platforms you already use. PoS help requests, HRM schedule data, and task list information can be sent directly to employee smartwatches.

The Platform

Employees get real-time notifications sent from our Turnpike management portal, other co-workers, or triggers such as IoT buttons, smart cameras, sensors, or interactive displays.

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