Loyalty wins

Give your consumers a reason to return time and again. With Turnpike on your employees’ wrists, your staff are always ready to instantly serve your customers’ every need.

Whether it’s a question in produce, a service alert at self-checkout, or a spill in aisle 8, your grocery team will react faster, and serve your customers better with Turnpike.
Streamline store operations
Discreet real-time communication
Instant notification of customer service requests
Customer Assist
Produce Section
Age Verification
Self Checkout
Colleague Request
Please Check Till #3

Increase engagement Grow basket size

With Turnpike, employees are hyper-efficient, giving them more time to focus on addressing requests and developing relationships with your customers. This improves loyalty, increases return visits, and stimulates more purchases.
Instantly respond to customer requests
Address lines before they grow
Eliminate landline phones, headsets & loudspeakers
Put tasks, actions & shifts on every employee wrist
What they say
We find it great to let our co-workers instantly be notified when to support customer and help colleagues without the hassle of using telephones or public announcements in the store.
Anna Forsäng
Process Specialist.
With Turnpike everybody wins, the staff knows what to do and the service level goes up. Happier staff and happier customers. Increased Sales. So, not a ‘nice-to-have’, but a ‘must-have’ for groceries 2.0.
Markus Wahlgren
Regional Store Manager
“We are driven by the effect when we look at new solutions. Turnpike provides us with significant, concrete, economic value every day and personnel love the simplicity and user experience. It’s difficult to imagine grocery stores in a few years where Turnpike is not the standard.”
Patrik Lord Träff
Customer & Business Developer
Cross platform
Turnpike software runs on smartwatches, mobile phones, tablets and personal computers so your team has access to all the information they need at all times.

Check out Turnpike in Action.

How it works

The Turnpike solution integrates seamlessly with existing hardware and software platforms so you can share all your most important information with employees in real-time throughout the work day.

Fast onboarding

With detailed documentation, live employee training, and pre-configured equipment, we’ll have your teams up and running with a Turnpike solution in no time.

Connect to existing software

Send data directly from platforms you already use. PoS help requests, HRM schedule data, and task list information can be sent directly to employee smartwatches.

The Platform

Employees get real-time notifications sent from our Turnpike management portal, other co-workers, or triggers such as IoT buttons, smart cameras, sensors, or interactive displays.

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Tell us more about your organization’s high-priority objectives and we’ll share how Turnpike’s solutions can help you meet and exceed them.
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Pricing plans

We offer out-of-the-box base packages, but can also recommend a number of customized options to meet your specific needs.
Single store

$15 / month
per user  + hardware

Enable a sixth sense for staff and increase customer satisfaction
25 users
12 smartwatches
5 bluetooth buttons
onboarding & support
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Pilot package

8 week trial

Try the solution for two months with no license fees!
12 users
6 Turnpike-enabled smartwatches
3 bluetooth buttons
live onboarding support
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Need to scale volume? Contact us for a quote based on your needs!
100 or more user licenses
30 or more smartwatches
10 or more bluetooth buttons
onboarding & support
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