Digitally connecting grocery staff for super-efficient operations
Interact at the right time at the right place
"Connecting information to the moment staff needs it will not only improve service, it will game change a whole new level of experience and influence one-of-a-kind experiences no matter where the customer meets us"
Head of Concept, Icanders
Turnpike’s connected wearables give firstline grocery employees a digital sixth sense, making them instantly aware of situations requiring attention regardless of their location or line of sight.

Shift schedules and task lists are always accessible from a smart watch, keeping employees focused without the distraction of a mobile phone. Inventory requests can be made instantly, and self-checkout assistance can be fulfilled immediately by the staff member closest to the request.

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We often discuss what we could have done better yesterday. With Turnpike we can act on insight in real time.
Area Manager - H&M Home
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