Interact at the right time at the right place
"Connecting information to the moment staff needs it will not only improve service, it will game change a whole new level of experience and influence one-of-a-kind experiences no matter where the customer meets us"
Head of Concept, Icanders

Instant customer service is here.

Turnpike empowers grocery staff with a digital sixth sense, making them instantly, discreetly aware when customer or co-worker assistance is required, regardless of their location.

Shift schedules, task lists and notifications are always updated in real-time and accessible on employee smartwatches.

Landline phone systems, loudspeaker announcements, walkie talkies, and headsets are now a thing of the past. Turnpike’s hands-free smartwatch solution makes every employee hyper efficient.
With Turnpike’s solution everyone wins - The staff always know what to do and the service level goes up.Happier coworkers and happier customers - leads to increased sales and loyalty. We don’t see it as a ’Nice to have’  but as a 'Must have’ for groceries 2.0
// Carl-Johan Stålhammar, CEO Coop Gotland and Board Member Coop Sweden.
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