With cloud integration to staff security, staff access, staff management, and inventory management to the point-of-sale, our solutions offer infinite customization. Our solution is cost-efficient, flexible, and offers a perfect fit for first-line worker's needs, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, efficiency, and sales. Our solution is relevant to retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and warehouses.
Turnpike's wearable solution turns real-time data and machine learning into actionable hints and tasks. The solution gives managers and front-line staff a direct digital connection to their enterprise systems and IoT devices.
The use of Azure IoT enables interaction with existing sensors, smart cameras, and wireless buttons in a secure and quick way. The integration with Microsoft Teams enables automated flows with real-time or scheduled communication and extends the reach of Teams to include the first-line workers.
It increases team efficiency, security, motivation, customer satisfaction, and sales. Results through the empowered staff.