Streamline the basics

Concerned you aren’t serving your customer needs quickly enough? Tired of spending hours managing, updating and communicating shift schedules? Fatigued from searching for employees and managers for assistance?
We can help
Shifts, messages, alerts, and action requests all managed on a smartwatch
Browser-based control center for communication and dashboards
Integrated with your existing hardware and software input platforms

For your customers

Customers shopping in Turnpike-enabled stores spend less time waiting in line, get assistance more quickly, and leave with higher customer satisfaction.

For your teams

Turnpike-empowered employees react faster to service requests, work more efficiently, have more time for customer engagement, and are more motivated.

For your business

Higher employee efficiency means higher store productivity. With more time to engage with customers, stores reduce churn, increase basket size and grow loyalty.

Cross platform

Turnpike software runs on smartwatches, mobile phones, tablets and personal computers so your team has access to all the information they need at all times.

Complete solution

Turnpike delivers a complete wearable communication and workflow management platform. This includes a manager’s portal that can be operated from any browser-capable device, smartwatches worn by employees, and optional input devices that allow staff and customers to call for instant assistance.

A typical Turnpike package can include:
User Licenses
Turnpike-enabled smartwatches
Onboarding and live training package
Pre-configured bluetooth buttons (optional)

Works with existing store platforms

Turnpike can be easily integrated with pre-existing in-store hardware and software platforms like digital displays, smart cameras, point of sale kiosks, and scheduling software to send notifications and data directly to Turnpike smartwatches.
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Staffiency Made Easy.

Safety Alert
Task Management
Customer request

Turnpike Communication Hub

  • Actions
  • Tasks
  • Notifications
  • Shift schedules

Turnpike Workflow Engine

  • Automation
  • AI filtering
  • Request routing
  • Data Collection

Hardware Data Inputs

  • Customer input
  • Manager / Staff Input
  • Automated Input  

Software Data Inputs

  • POS
  • eComm
  • HRM
  • ERP

The features you need

Turnpike’s platform has been built on a foundation of customer-driven research and feedback. Every feature is targeted at addressing specific customer pain points, KPIs or aspirational objectives.
Discreet real-time communication
Task management
Hands-free operation
Shift creation and distribution
Instant customer service requests
Global or individual employee alerts
Watch-to-watch coworker requests
Measurable response times
WI-FI and LTE connectivity
Configurable rule-based automation
Browser-based management portal
Cloud-based limitless scalability

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Tell us more about your organization’s high-priority objectives and we’ll share how Turnpike’s solutions can help you meet and exceed them.
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Pricing plans

We offer out-of-the-box base packages, but can also recommend a number of customized options to meet your specific needs.
Single store

$15 / month
per user  + hardware

Enable a sixth sense for staff and increase customer satisfaction
25 users
12 smartwatches
5 bluetooth buttons
onboarding & support
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Pilot package

8 week trial

Try the solution for two months with no license fees!
12 users
6 Turnpike-enabled smartwatches
3 bluetooth buttons
live onboarding support
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Need to scale volume? Contact us for a quote based on your needs!
100 or more user licenses
30 or more smartwatches
10 or more bluetooth buttons
onboarding & support
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