Turnpike for Microsoft Teams & Frontline Retail.

Turnpike’s pre-integrated solution for Microsoft Teams makes it simple to send Teams information directly to frontline wearable devices, including Samsung and Apple smartwatches.
Interact at the right time at the right place
"Connecting information to the moment staff needs it will not only improve service, it will game change a whole new level of experience and influence one-of-a-kind experiences no matter where the customer meets us"
Head of Concept, Icanders
For frontline retail teams that want instant access to shift schedules, task lists, customer service requests, Turnpike sends Microsoft Teams data to your employees in real-time without disturbing their activities or making them appear distracted in front of customers.  

Our discreet approach to gently nudging staff with a watch vibration removes the need for walkie talkies, loudspeakers or other communication devices that can disrupt the shopping environment, ensuring that consumers can focus on enjoying the retail brand experience while employees remain up to date on the latest store activities.

Turnpike is proud to be a Microsoft for Startups Partner and powered by Azure!