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Interact at the right time at the right place
"Connecting information to the moment staff needs it will not only improve service, it will game change a whole new level of experience and influence one-of-a-kind experiences no matter where the customer meets us"
Head of Concept, Icanders
Turnpike connected smartwatch solution gives every employee real-time access to schedules, tasks, messages and alerts, empowering your staff to react more quickly to customer engagement requests, regardless of where they are on the floor.

No more loudspeaker announcements or disrupting walkie talkie conversations. Just discreet smart watch “nudges” that keep your staff’s hands free at all times.

Simply put, your employees will drive higher revenue per footfall, generating higher customer loyalty and stay safer while on the floor.

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a digital superpower!
With Turnpike’s solution, we could actually be able to connect with a co-worker in a smarter and easier way.
Marketing and Communications Manager - IKEA
Keeping firstline staff focused with streamlined communication
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See how Turnpike is working with H&M in Berlin to reinvent retail
Turnpike’s retail solution puts a connected wearable device on the wrist of every firstline employee so they have real-time access to the latest info without needing a mobile or walkie talkie.  

Employees have access to real-time schedules, messages, tasks, and alerts and can respond discreetly in the moment with a single tap on their watch.

With Turnpike, firstline staff are more focused on customer service and engagement, driving mission critical KPIs like revenue per footfall, customer conversion rate, customer retention and average transaction value.
The Turnpike solution allow us to be pro-active instead of re-active. It gives us the tools to fullfill our path to customer obsession.
Store manager - H&M Home